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Can we add more zumba to the schedule?

We have a full schedule and all the classes are doing well. We do look at adding classes during open times as our membership grows. If you want a class added bring more members… the more members we have the more we can grow.

Do classes ever get canceled at the last minute?

We rarely cancel a class. There is always someone 99% of the time who can sub a class out in case there is a last minute instructor emergency.

I thought I was in good shape! Why is pilates so hard?

Anytime you try something new that your body is not used to it is going to need some practice. You are using muscles you have probably not used in a while, if ever, and are doing movements you have never done. If you stick with it and are consistent, even if it’s once a week, you will start feeling stronger and see the results you want to see… stronger back, stronger core, longer, leaner, and hopefully a little more toned in the ab region!

I’ve never done kickboxing. Is there a beginner class?

Most of our classes are all levels, and we always tell people to ‘do what you can.’ If you come to half a class and that is all you can do… that’s ok! Do what you can. You will build strength and endurance over time, and if you push yourself too much you could get hurt. You are always welcome to leave a class early if need be. It is your class… your time.

I would recommend not coming to an advanced class for your first time (advanced step) until you have tried a class or two that will help get you in better condition.

How often does the schedule of classes change?

It stays the same b/c everything is doing so well! If anything we try to add classes as we grow our membership base.


The last trainer I had put me on the treadmill for half of our session. He would leave me to walk at my own pace and then go make a cell call. Do you do this?

No. If we put you on a treadmill it is with a plan of action in mind… making it harder… inclining… running… etc. We also use other creative ways to incorporate cardio drills into your workout. – See more at:

Are they timely for their appointments?

Absolutely! We start on time and give our full attention to you during your session. It is our goal to help you reach your goals in a successful manner.

How experienced are your trainers?

They are all properly certified. They have years of experience and bring other skill sets to the table such as pilates, yoga, etc.


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