The (em)Power Trainer personal training certification program combines academic support and mentoring with a real world approach, hands-on experience for women who are seeking a personal training career. Unique to our program is our holistic approach to and support of the modern woman who often juggles self-care with daily demands.

Consisting of 300 hours of lecture, practical, and hands-on experience, this 16-week program seeks to provide an in-depth.

Total cost for the program is $2300, inclusive of materials, certification exam[1], program training/lecture, mentoring, and full gym and class access during the training period. The program is ongoing and can be started at any time.

Participants can expect to complete the program in three to six months (min/max).

Course Outline

This certification course is formatted as a 16-week program; however, some participants will complete the requirements in three months (minimum) and some in six months (maximum).

The duration depends, in part, on weekly availability and commitment of program participant; accessibility to clients during the apprenticeship; other outside commitments.

Please contact info@powerlady.com if you are interested and would like further information.