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Loving, Kindness Meditation

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I hope this message finds you feeling well, happy, and peaceful. I would like to share with you an interesting experience that I had last week. I appreciate you allowing me to share some of my Self and I invite you on a journey to find more peace and happiness. 
Sunday evening started with listening to this podcast interview with Congressman John Lewis, who has been my representative as long as I’ve lived in Atlanta. He was often beaten during the Civil Rights movement and has been jailed many times throughout his life for civil protest, but always remains peaceful and with love in his heart – even for those who were treating him as less than human. This podcast is less about his life details and more about how he views and lives in loveIn faith. With the knowing that we are all One Family. I urge you to find an hour – even if you’re doing something else like cooking – to listen to this conversation. I promise you will hear at least one thing that inspires you to be a better neighbor, a better human, and to have more compassion.
After listening to this inspiring talk, I opened social media for one of the first times in the previous few days. Probably needless to say – but it’s part of the story – I saw lots of things that discouraged me, made me straight up mad as hell, and saddened me so, so deeply. I read some things that encouraged me as well, but mostly I closed that page feeling hopeless, depleted, and overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure what to do. Then I remembered a goal I had set for myself recently.
I realized this would be the perfect time to practice a Loving Kindness meditation. A Loving Kindness meditation starts with simply closing your eyes and breathing. You then find love and kindness for yourself, followed by someone you know, and then others, and on and on. The goal I set for myself is to practice this every night before bed for the next few weeks so that I may find more peace in my heart, and so that I may share it with others. I am inviting you to join me on this journey of practicing just once each day or night. 
Here is the one I listened to that night which inspired this post. Please trust me that you need no experience, no meditation cushion or any other thing to facilitate this. All that is required is the willingness to be open and to take ten to fifteen minutes out of your day to breath and think good thoughts. If you are in a partnership or family setting, listen to it with others and watch the love blossom. Share your experience, or journal about it. I beg you to try it at least once. The first video is 13 minutes. 
I will be leading a group Loving Kindness meditation at Powerlady Fitness each Tuesday in February at 8 PM, starting 2/7/17. Please contact us if you would like to join. 
I look forward to hearing from you if you would like to cultivate loving kindness with me. 
Always know that you have my gratitude and my love just for being you. I send you peace, wellbeing, and joy in each of your days.
Much Love,

Creatures of Habit

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Colin Powell, a retired U.S. army general said, “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.” Whether it’s a 4-star general or the little voice inside your head urging you to “keep moving forward,” developing a habit, a ritual, for your workout routine will mean all the difference.

According to Healthline, it takes six to eight weeks for your body to adapt to a workout routine, both physically and mentally. Though it is important to diversify your workout, as explained here, maintaining a healthy workout regimen is the first step.


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In recent years, as technology has grown, we are becoming more adapt to instant gratification. Food, movies, education and communication has become faster, direct and more frequent. In fitness, there are exercise crazes, fad diets and new weight loss pills all claiming to make you “instantly lose weight.”

People will start working out, see no results and either change it up or quit. But, we are far from instant creatures…we love habits. It’s true that growth and change are crucial for our lives, but it’s our routines that keep us functioning. After making that “I’m going to lose weight” New Years resolution three months in, we are picking up cake from the grocery store right next to our gyms.

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Don’t treat fitness like that “new thing” or “something I’m going to start when I have time,” treat it like brushing your teeth or putting on make-up. It’s something you do frequently in your life to make yourself look and feel better. By developing your exercise habits, not only will you see results physically, you’ll feel results mentally.

Six to eight weeks…are you up for the challenge? The Poker Chip Challenge has helped our members start their routine! Ask how Powerlady Fitness can help you with your exercise routine. Need somewhere to start? Here’s a daily workout from to try.

Powerlady Running Group

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runnersimageGrab your sneakers ladies!!!  Whether you are training for an event or just want to take advantage of cardio time with the girls – we know running as a group can be a lot more fun that running alone.  Beginners, don’t worry, we have plans for you too!

Sign up at front desk if you are interested.

You have One Million Reasons not to Work Out. And One Great Reason to Start Now: YOU. Contact us!