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Sun Saluations – Proper Form

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Sun salutations, or Surya Namaskar, are an important foundational practice of yoga.  Sun salutations are traditionally practiced as the sun rises, acknowledging and honoring this life-giving ….  Hindus refer to the sun as Surya and namaskar means “to honor” or “to bow to.” I often use the basic sequence of sun salutations as a basis for the flows I lead.  There are quite a few moving parts and it can be challenging to speak every alignment cue for every position. That’s why Samantha has decided to teach one posture, or asana, each week for the next several weeks in her Tuesday evening class. This way we can go over each posture in detail and learn all of its proper alignments,as well as modifications and contraindications. There are seven poses we will be covering.
They are:
Tadasana — Mountain (shown in picture)
Uttanasana — Forward Fold
Ardauttanasana — Half Lift
Virabadrasana — Warrior
Bhujangasana — Cobra
Adhomukasvanasana — Downward Facing Dog
I hope you’ll join us for one or many of these classes so that you can learn or get a reminder of how these poses should feel in your body  and to bring more integrity, strength, and benefit to your yoga practice.
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