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Powerlady Running Group

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runnersimageGrab your sneakers ladies!!!  Whether you are training for an event or just want to take advantage of cardio time with the girls – we know running as a group can be a lot more fun that running alone.  Beginners, don’t worry, we have plans for you too!

Sign up at front desk if you are interested.

Challenge – Keep Up the Habit

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The holidays is one of the most challenging times of year to fit in a workout.  Don’t feel like you have to keep up with your regular schedule.  Just don’t let it go completely.  Keep the habit of going to the gym even if it is for a shorter amount of time less times each week.  This way you will be a step ahead of the game when it comes time for New Year’s.

Tip – Prepare for your Workout the Night Before

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Even though packing for your workout only takes a few minutes it is best to do it the night before your workout rather than the morning of.  You won’t forget your socks, shoes, or anything else that might get left out if you wait until the early morning hour.  Set yourself up for success!

What to include:



sports bra


lightweight jacket

pants or shorts

water bottle


snack (nutrition bar)

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